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 SENSEZ Studios    

  Transform Your Life & Leadership From The Inside Out

Peter Skurray : Mentor, Mindset Coach, Psychotherapist & Trainer

Mentoring Leaders To Create The Difference That Makes The Difference ... in leadership and relationships.

Remember when you started out and you wanted to be different? You wanted to make a difference in the world, in your own life and future. You've got what it takes, and you've shown them, only it's been quite a few years now and you're feeling frustrated, like you're off-course professionally and personally (including your closest relationship too I bet). And you're not sure you like where it's all heading. Where's the success? Where's the meaning and purpose gone? How do I connect with my partner again? (I get it. I've been there.)

It's now time to make mid course adjustments. To re-purpose and re-connect. Don't just rebel or just be different... CREATE THE DIFFERENCE that makes the difference you want and that you're looking for!

You just need to know how, and get some guidance with a mentor who's got some wisdom and inspiration to see you through until you're flying again! Someone who'll mentor you to create the difference that makes all the difference professionally and personally!

I know you'll feel the difference internally, it will show on your face, in your eyes, in how you stand, and the difference will be embraced by your partner!

Let's talk about how. We can even set up a free consultation for you to consider if this is right for you if you like.

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Thank you for contacting me. I will email the workbook and get back to you as soon as possible.

Peter is a respectful and approachable mentor/coach/counsellor who has a particular passion in working with men and assisting them to transform their relationships and leadership.Thirty years of experience in leadership, management and training, and thirty years of marriage has equipped Peter with a depth of wisdom and understanding that can be readily applied to your situation. He too has learnt to re-purpose and re-connect his life personally and professionally.

Contact Peter now for more info about mentoring, or for training/speaking at your event.

contact: email (click here) or 0403 306 325

BA; Grad Dip Couns; PACFA & ARCAP Reg. Provisional; CCAA(grad); NLP Practitioner, Cert 4 Life Coaching, ICG Assoc member

Leadership Coaching from the Top Down. Relationship Coaching from the Inside Out.